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Culture of Bali And peole

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Culture of Bali And peole
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Culture of Bali and People is an unique and famous especially for its rich and vibrant arts. Various forms of dance and music have made Bali's arts and culture scene one of the most diverse in the world. Hinduisim as the main religion is the major influence behind its development. Music, drama, dance and costumes become a feast for the senses during temple festivities. Rites of passage at Balinese family households can almost be seen daily, celebrating the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Special cultural dates and highlights also mark the calendar, through annual art festivals and local revelries that visitors should check out to make the best of their visit.

Culture of Bali is steeping in a rich spirituality & tradition to focus mainly with art & religion, with 2 often expressed through each others, most of Balinese people as an artist and spend their leisure time working with their hobbies and art working that passed down through from generations to generation. So many public area in Bali, hoouses and rice paddy fields decorated by detail paintings, intricate carving, extraordinary rice decoration also artworks these pay by religious hom age. e Mostly people in Bali don't speak English, people used Bahasa Bali in the village or Bahasa Indonesia in the city. The best thing is they happy when meet tourist usually people say hello to tourist. People in Bali are smiling to tourist in their mine tourist mean is #white skin brown hair blue eyes and big money#

let me share you about culture of bali is a complexs & diverse system that is highly and adapt able centres around concept the time, places, rools and situation call Desa, Kala, Putra. The state notion assertion of the traditional thought harmoniously mixing with a new & that reality is a coincidence of the materials "Sekala" also eternal call Niskala as the local and that thing cannot exist without each others. According with Bali cultures, the world is the product of the interactions in between Sekala (material) and Niskala (eternal). The concept is most vividly expresse in the famous the barong bali and the keris dance bali.



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