The Majestic Mother Temple of Bali and Lempuyang’s Gates of Heaven

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The Majestic Mother Temple of Bali and Lempuyang’s Gates of Heaven
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Haven’t found the appropriate itineraries in Bali? Maybe Mother Temple of Bali and Lempuyang’s Gates of Heaven are appropriate for you.

The most recommended two places for sightseeing the magnificence of Balinese cultures and arts. The both is holy and historical point which is very well guarded by the Hindus in Bali.

Interest to know more about the both temples? Let’s see the information in the following!

Mother Temple of Bali

Besakih Temple
Besakih Temple

Also known as “Besakih Temple”, is the biggest temple in Bali which located on the slope of Agung Mount (the highest mount in Bali).

Supposedly, the temple was built by Resi Markandeya firstly about 163 AD or 85 Isaka Calender. He is an ascetic from India who has long lived on Dawa Island or Panjang Island, now called Java Island.

In addition, the temple was designed in Great Balinese Architecture with the concept of Tri Hita Kirana, which meant “three balance concepts among of the God, Human, and Nature”.

In the complex of Besakih Temple there are 1 main temple which name Penataran Agung Temple and 18 companion temples around area.

Bali Gate of Heaven

Lempuyang Gate of Heaven
Lempuyang Gate of Heaven

The destination is an ancient temple in God Island, which named “Lempuyang Temple”. The temple is being on Bisbis Hill, Abang District, Karangasem Regency.

Where it is exactly in the eastern of Besakih Temple.

The Gate of Heaven is one of reasons why many people have an interest to visit. The point was often called as Instagramable this time.

It is split gate which stood about 4 meter height at main entrance of temple. The gate is truly great with Balinese Typical Architecture and decorated by Amazing Traditional Sculpture Ornaments.

In addition, the layout which face to Besakih Temple. No wonder, Agung Mount Scenery is a special thing you may see from the temple area.

A rare spot which offers the perfect combination to taking magical shot among the Split Gate, Majestic Agung Mount Scenery, and Beautiful Cloud on the Sky (instead sunrise or sunset).

No wonder, Lempuyang Temple Gates of Heaven is crowded by visitors recently. They are even willing to queue for taking the image at the gate.

You should arrive earlier in the morning for avoiding the long line.

The Things Should be Remembered before Visiting

Lempuyang Temple Hike
Lempuyang Temple Hike

Besakih Temple and Lempuyang Temple are holy area. Every visitor to wear Sarong (a traditional cloth to cover the legs part) when entering the temple area. Make sure you remember to bring this item.

Meanwhile, be polite and don’t say rude when visiting holy area.

How to Find the Temple

Perhaps you are staying in southern of Bali such as Ubud, Seminyak, or Jimbaran, and interest to visit.

You may call us (Gede English Driver) via contact below for tour transport with driver services to accompany your trip in reaching the both Temples.

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