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Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River

Most travelers who have vacationed in Bali after having a lot of sunbathing will do Bali outdoor adventure. Furthermore, the island of Bali has plenty kinds of outdoor adventure, one of the most favorite ones is Bali water sports. One of the best Bali water sports that you can do is Bali rafting tours. Therefore, on this page, we will write for you about Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River for your white water rafting in Bali.

While there are three main white water rivers in Bali being use as white water rafting Bali and there are:

  • Ayung River Ubud.
  • Telaga Waja River Karangasem.
  • Melangit River Klungkung.

Only 2 of the rivers are most favorite by the visitor to do white water rafting in Bali, which is Telaga Waja River and Ayung River Ubud.

Your questions know, Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River, which one of the two rivers are the best one for white water rafting in Bali?

This issue regarding Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River which one is better is a bit difficult to answer, some of our client when we ask them about the river said Telaga Waja river is the best one, and some stated that Ayung river is better than Telaga Waja river.

On this page of Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River, we will not say one river is better than the other, but we will write pros and cons of each river. So you can decide which one is better for your Bali rafting adventure.

Telaga Waja River Pros & Cons

Furthermore, Telaga Waja River has a length of 16 Kilometers, and you will need 2,5 hours to finish all the rafting route at Telaga Waja River. Located in Karangasem regency, which is in the eastern part of Bali Island.

Telaga Waja Rafting SobekSave

Find out more detail: Telaga Waja River.

Pros Telaga Waja River

16-kilometer route, 2,5 hours rafting trips and the longest Bali white water rafting track.

Easy access from the lobby to river rafting starting point.

Rapids class II – IV (more thrill and adventure). More detail about rafting rapids class, click here: white water rafting rapids class.

Far away from air pollution.

Suitable for combinations of sport and recreational.

Cons Telaga Waja River

Some area of the river has shallow water.

Long drive to get to the locations from the south part of Bali where most travelers in Bali stay. You will need 1 hour 40 minutes to get the locations of Telaga Waja rafting.

Some people concern about long trips on Telaga Waja River.

Ayung River Pros & Cons

Furthermore, Ayung River located at Ubud, one of the best places in Bali to visit. The river rafting of Ayung route offer 10 kilometers route, and you will need 1,5 – 2 hours rafting durations.

Pros Ayung River

Located close to Ubud area, if you stay in Ubud during a holiday in Bali, you only need average 20 minutes in the car to get to the locations of Ayung River.

Very suitable for beginner, with rapid class grade II-III.

Fantastic scenery with stone carving in some area of the river walls.

Ayung Rafting suitable of recreational rafting.

Cons Ayung River

Long stairways from the lobby area to river starting point, also long stairs from rafting finish point to the restaurant area.

Not as thrilling as Telaga Waja River Rafting.

The short distance of Bali white water rafting route.

Conclusion On Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River

If you want to have thrilling rafting adventure in Bali, long distance Bali white water rafting route and don’t want to climb the stair to get the rafting starting points, than Telaga Waja Rafting is the river that you should choose.

If you want Bali rafting tour on more in term of recreational adventures, don’t want to spend time in the car if you stay in on the southern part of Bali like Kuta or Seminyak area and love to see beautiful scenery, than Ayung Rafting Ubud is your choice for white water rafting Bali.

So Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River which is better is depend on your personal requirement, both of the rivers has pros and cons, now is up to you to choose.

After you decide which river to choose during Bali rafting adventures, between Telaga Waja River vs Ayung River Ubud. Then you should know which company the best one on each river.

For your information, we have tried every rafting companies that we provide on our website and below is the best company on each white water river base on our experience.

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