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Tourist guide to Bali

Tourist guide to Bali
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Kerta Gosa is the Royal court pavilion of klungkung Bali

Kerta Gosa located in Klung kung Regency and use a s justice court palace long time ago. As the former kingdom, if reasonable Klungkung has many a time this is a tourism object. One of them is the Taman Gili in Kerta Gosa, cultural heritage Semarapura Klungkung Palace. Kerta Gosa is a building (bale), which is part of the building complex Semarapura Palace and was built around 1686 by peletak basis of power and the first holder of the throne that is the kingdom of Klungkung Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe.

Structure Kerta Gosa Building

Kerta Gosa consists of two buildings (bale), namely akerta Gosa Bale and Bale Kambang. Bale Kambang called because the building is surrounded by a pond that is Gili Park. The uniqueness Kerta Gosa with Bale Kambang this is surface on the ceiling or roof bale is decorated with traditional painting style of Kamasan (a village in Klungkung) or style of puppet that is very popular in the community Bali. Initially, the paintings that decorate the ceiling are made of cloth and parba. New since 1930 is replaced and created at the top of the plasterboard direstorasi ago according to the original image is still intact and up to now. Cultural heritage as Kingdom Semarapura, Gosa and Kerta Bale Kambang enabled to judge the matter and the religious ceremony that is especially yadnya cut teeth (mepandes) like children king.

 Function Kerta Gosa

Function of the two buildings is closely related to the function of education through the paintings that were presented at the puppet ceiling buildings. The paintings are a series of stories that take on the key themes, namely Swargarokanaparwa and parwa Bima Swarga a guide punishment Karma Phala (result of the good-bad deeds performed during a human lifetime) and the re-incarnation into the world because of the deeds and sin - sin. Because no one said that if the psychological, theme paintings decorate the ceiling Kerta Gosa building load values education mental and spiritual. Painting is divided into a row of six terraced.

Story of Painting at Kerta Gosa Building

Bottom row illustrates the themes derived from Tantri Story. Suite second from the bottom illustrates the theme of the story. Bimaswarga in Swargarakanaparwa. Catenarian next theme Bagawan Kasyapa story. Fourth row to take a theme that is characteristic Palalindon or meaning and the meaning of the occurrence of earthquakes in mythologist. Continuation of the story is taken from the theme Bimaswarga painted on the fifth row that is located almost on the cone-shaped roof building. In the last row or the sixth place by a description of the life of Nirwana. In addition to the building ceiling Kerta Gosa, puppet paintings also decorate the ceiling in the west that is Kerta Gosa Bale Kambang. On the palate this painting Bale Kambang puppet who comes to take the themes from the story of Kakawin Ramayana and Sutasoma.

Kerta Gosa Painting

The theme comes from guide kakawin this function that the building is the place Bale Kambang under one's belt religious ceremony that is Manusa Yadnya cut teeth children in Klungkung king. The attractiveness of Kerta Gosa paintings than in the traditional style of Kamasan at Kerta Gosa Bale and Bale Kambang, other important heritage that is still around and cannot be separated in terms of the value of history is noble pemedal (gate). Pemedal Court located in the west Kerta Gosa emits a very cultural heritage values Palace. Pemedal this Court on the value of art are traditional Balinese architecture. This is the gate that functions as a cantilever holder of the throne of power mechanisms (Dewa Agung) in Klungkung for over 200 years (1686-1908). In the event of war against the Dutch military expedition known as the Puputan Klungkung on 28 April 1908, the holder of the throne last Dewa Agung Jambe followers and autumn. (The recording of this monument is now enshrined in Puputan Klungkung which is located across the Kerta Gosa). After the defeat in the building core Palace Semarapura (viscera) and destroyed the settlement was made. Rubble highest remaining Kerta Gosa, Bale Kambang Taman Gili with its Portal Palace and the object appeared to be a very interesting both in the tourism and especially cultural historical studies. Kerta Gosa was also work as the center court during the Dutch colonial bureaucracy in Klungkung (1908-1942) and since nominated officials head into indigenous areas in the kingdom of Klungkung (Ida I Dewa Agung Negara Klungkung) in 1929. In fact, the court used equipment such as chairs and tables, wood carving and the paint is still there prade (gold paint). Objects to the evidence the court heritage institutions such as the traditional customs that apply in Klungkung in the colonial period (1908-1942) and the period of Japanese occupation (1043-1945). In the year 1930, had made the restoration of the painting there is a puppet in Kerta Gosa and Bale Kambang painted by the artists of Kamasan. Restoration last painting done in 1960.

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